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Libra imageHow to spot a Libra

Grace. What is grace? If it is of the Libran kind, it's very socially evident and quite traditional. There is not much mystery about the Libran grace. There is a classic delight and venusian sensualism about the movements and gestures. Libra-dominated personalities tend to have a roundness about them, especially the face, which is ample and soft, with smooth, moist skin and a certain "meaty" quality. Even if the body is thin, the revealing dimples and curved features are often present in the face with a strong ascendant or other influences. Libra oozes of civilisation and elastic charm, very accomodating and compliant. They can be very talkative but also quite reservedly graceful, never harsh and seldom blunt.

Look for the person who always approaches people with polite questions and dimpled smiles, careful to give others room and opportunity to voice their opinions. They usually like to be the center of attention, but not in the straightforward way of for example Aries. The women often exagerrate their femininity to hide that quite common mental sharpness and slight masculinity below the surface. The men can certainly have a feminine quality about them, that is instead compensated by a lively flirtatiousness and persuasive style. Spot those who appear to be "over-smoothers" and who avoids all confrontation of the more ugly kind. You can tell by their style and good taste, and by the vague sense you get of them not really saying exactly what they mean or think, as well as a friendly kind of sarcasm.

Famous examples include the smoothness, charm and verbal style of libra-ascendant presidents such as John F kennedy (Libra Ascendant trine Venus in Gemini) and Bill Clinton (Ascendant, Venus and a Mars-Neptune conjunction in Libra). But the most striking example of Libra-Venus exterior, given correct birth time is the soft, venusian sensualism and curvy feminity (that conceals some masculine "sharpness") of Kate Winslet. Winslet has an amazing gathering of planet-power in Libra (Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Mercury). Typical is also and the peace-loving but sarcastic aestheticism of John Lennon (Sun and Mars in Libra).

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