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Gemini imageHow to spot a Gemini

Preoccupied, distracted, yet lively and observant. Look for these classic Gemini traits. The thing is, Geminis do pay attention to almost everything around them, but it doesn't seem like they do. A lot of people who don't realize this find Gemini rude or completely flippant. Geminis listen though, even while they're talking, and they have great memories. Behold the person you believe to be a Gemini - you will sense a lightness of being, irrespective of physical appearance or present mood. You will sense youth irrespective of age. It's a rare Gemini who doesn't always give the impression of being preoccupied with something, be it the surrounding people or some private inner brainstorm. When it comes to more conscious expressions of a typical Gemini, there is an interesting thing to look for. Geminis are highly communicative and verbal, but those who seem loud and overly argumentative typically mask a certain sensibility of mind, a wavering refinement that finds crudity abhorrent. There is a definite tendency to nervousness. I find it useful to sum up the impression of a Twin-dominated personality by a comparison to Peter Pan - the eternal symbol of youth and playfulness.

When it comes to physical "radiance", the presence of a Gemini is somewhat changeable and airy, seldom earthy or solid. The face is usually telling in its civility and agreeability, as are the curious, intellectual eyes. The eyes seldom have the deep, floating kind of expression, but rather one of sobriety and logic - though when they gaze at you there is a sense of diffusion. Favourite celebrity examples include Gene Wilder, with that airy, nervously buzzing madness of comedy, bursting verbal energy and androgynous appeal (Sun in Gemini rising below the Gemini Acendant), Brooke Shields, tall and slender, with all her extroverted radiance, sharp Mercurial wit and genderless youth (showing Sun conjunct Jupiter as well as an incredible Stellium of the moon, Midheaven and Venus closely joined also in Gemini - and Ascendant in Virgo, similar to Gemini through their shared ruling planet of Mercury). Another fine specimen is Michael J. Fox, with that boyish Gemini look and rapid, "looking at you but not really seeing" eyes.

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