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Leo imageHow to spot a Leo

Nobility, drama, warmth. It should be the easiest thing in the world to recognize a Leo from out of a crowd. Sometimes it is. When the Leo energy gets its proper leeway, in a confident person, then there are seldom any doubts. Things are not so simple in reality, unfortunately. There is evidence that many people with heavily Lion-dominated horoscopes, (say the Sun and several planets, or the Sun and Moon in Leo) come off as a bit shy or reserved. These same is frequently true when other fire signs are strongly marked in the horoscope. You can be sure, however, that in such cases something is holding these people back. Leo is a dramatic, self-exposing, self-centred and highly flamboyant sign. Look for a natural royalty of stature; nothing is so evident in Leos as their concern for personal dignity and pride. The telling gaze of "I would not in my life sink so low" is very revealing. You will notice an arresting awareness in the Leo individual of the impression they make on others, a constant maintaining of their "auras of influence".

Leos are generous with their resources and can be very sophisticated in their dealings with others - they listen politely with a slightly patronizing, although never offending smile. When they demand the attention of others, it is an unconditioned craving for complete attention. Leos may be (or at least seem) humble, but they are always, always self-satisfied in some respect. As mentioned, the Leo extroversion is not always present. Though right below the surface you will sense a steady inner glow of spirit. Leos aren't as direct and forceful as Arians, rather more persistent and authoritative. They readily spread warmth and life around; the close surroundings of a strong Leo is magnified and lit up, just like the sun. A reliable test consists in casually insulting the potential Leo candidate. If truly and strongly Leo, the responding look of disgust and hurtful indignance is unmistakable.

Famous Leos should be plentiful but are sometimes elusive. A clear example is Rolling Stones frontman Mich Jagger (Stellium of Sun, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury in Leo) whose unquenchable, dramatic artistry, and the ever persistent image-cult around him is essentially Leo. Also master of cinema Alfred Hitchcock, (Leo Sun and Venus rising in the Leo Ascendant) with the ambition to to embrace just about everything, dominating with a powerful personal authority and intergrity of person. Charlize Theron (Sun conjunct Moon in Leo) is a glamorous Leo exemplar whose cinematic expression indeed often seems to be that of a big, purring cat. Magnetic and oozing with confidence.

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