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Aries imageHow to spot an Aries

Definition, stiffness or sharpness. Remember this. Though it may sound like explicitly physical traits, (strongly defined facial lines, bony structure, triangular shape of face, edginess, sharp eyes) it's something deeper too. The speech and "feel" of a strong Aries personality is also "angular". They're like rocky formations in human form, even if they're chubby or downright fat. To put it quite vague; they seem precisely contained within their "container" or form. Sometimes this form projects a sense of disproportionality. For example, a woman with strong Aries energies may be endowed with a heavy bosom, while the lower part of her body is firm, slight and hard. There is often an impression of tightness and density of muscle in both genders. Look for an active, explosive quality, like a soldier always ready to march onto war, eagerly naive but also proud. Arians are idealistic and positive, and they believe they can do just about anything. Self-centeredness is common.

Ironically, the masculinity of Aries is often most noticeable on females. Not that male Arians tend to be feminine in any way, but the aggressiveness and outspoken attitude of the sign is more noticeable contrasting the prejudiced idea of femininity in a woman. Additionally, the masculinity of Aries almost always is of the youthful kind; choleric, impatient and a bit childish. They have a concise and dry disposition - one might say the "aura" of a desert, seldom floating and diffuse. It is as if you'd burn your hand touching an Aries. Look for an immediate intensity, not deep down below in the eyes like a Scorpio, but just below the surface. Male and female Arians may appear controlled, but are easily moved and belligerent. Quick responsiveness and aggressiveness is common, as is vigour and passion.

Picture the actor/comedian Eddie Murphy (Sun in Aries trine Ascendant in Leo). There is something quite intense, expressive and "sharp" about his mannerisms, about the way he radiates energy. Even in the case of a much less charismatic Aries personality than Murphy, there remains some kind of bursting, exaggerated part of the expression. Very dynamic, but seldom with much stamina. Superficial intensity. Among women, two notable Arians who exude much of the perky freshness and extroverted energy associated with the sign are versatile singer-actress Doris Day (Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aries, grand trine in fire) and Lucy Lawless (Sun, Moon, Saturn and North Node in Aries) whose somewhat silly "Xena, warrior princess" character clearly spells out the soldier/fighter quality of Aries, in her own 'girlpower' incarnation.

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