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Taurus imageHow to spot a Taurus

Substance, presence and proportion summarize the impression of heavy Taurus influence. Taurus the Bull is probably the most physical of the signs, and this pertains both to substantiality in general and physical appetites. Look for solidity and weight. But do not translate "weight" as meaning fat or chubby. Bulls, especially in youth can be quite slender. It is more a matter of firmness and satisfaction, of emanating an aura that seems, in loss of better words, full and organic. Look for movements and gestures that are graceful and slow, softly methodical as if painting on a canvas. Since Venus is considered the ruling planet of the sign, you may sense a calm sensuality about a Taurus, seductive and sweet.

However, spotting a Taurus is not easy - they don't possess any intense, buzzing charisma (with the exception of Taureans with a mass of dramatic, imploding aspects such as Jack Nicholson). No, their charm is more slow and earthy - you will notice how a typical Taurean seems to become part of the surroundings, like a piece of fine furniture. Not that Taurus is lifeless; it's just that there seldom is anything disturbing about their appearance. They are normally great dressers, with an innate sense of aesthetics. Listen for a deep, hearty laughter that endures long. Taurus likes to laugh, and their sense of humor is of the obvious sort, more stimulated by visual scenes and practical jokes than intellectual nuance. A steady, square impression of the body and face, usually with broad, generous proportions. Full lips and cheeks - body parts that are supposed to be soft are normally very full and soft in a Taurus.

There's no mistaking about the sensual, magnetic appeal of Uma Thurman (Sun, Saturn, Mercury and the Midheaven in Taurus, with an elevated Venus). Her somewhat offbeat attractiveness is nevertheless firmly grounded in earthy, solid Taurus, and to be honest, doesn't she look a little like a bull or a cow? Also Audrey Hepburn, the paradigm of symmetrical, eternal beauty exemplifies the down to earth, organic purity that is the domain of Taurus. Hepburn has Sun and Jupiter in the sign, but also Taurean planet of beauty Venus involved with the Ascendant, Neptune and Saturn in a "Kite" formation in the horoscope. Among the high-strung, neurotic cast of Seinfeld, comedian Jerry Seinfeld himself (Sun in Taurus rising close to the Taurus Ascendant) comes out as a somewhat calming and normalizing influence. Look at his deliberate, soft movements and overall neatness. His trademark everyday-sort of standup comedy routine is also very Taurean.

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