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Alertness, precision, humility. If you are looking specifically for Virgo characteristics, it's unlikely that you will feel certain beyond doubt. But this is actually part of the Virgo quintessence - not to have anything too prominent about their appearance dominating at the cost of balance and temperance. Many Virgos try to counteract their innate "properness" by projecting an image of easygoing bohemianism or general eccentricity, but this kind of charade is easily unmasked. Virgo eyes always have the unmistakable glow of sobriety and reason. People with Virgo prominent care a lot about how people perceive them. They are intent on creating a suitable mode of expression for themselves, and they cannot come to terms with spontaneity; in fact they need clear guidelines and a sense of daily routine to feel comfortable and secure. It is true that the evolved Virgo-types often are great "personalities", but theirs is a very aware, calculated sort of individuality. Almost as if their efforts at crystallizing their personality and gaining a real sense of integrity blows over into caricature. Virgos are known for their readiness to serve and help, but with a certain coldness of response. It is as if they're saying: "I'll be of assistance with anything, no strings attached, but please don't get personal or emotional with me".

Recognize a Virgo by picturing a finely tuned instrument. Or by watching for alertness, attentiveness and a fondness for straight facts. A nervous or shy tendency to chatter away about exactly everything but what people are interested to hear is common. If this seems to insinuate that strong Virgo influence creates a rather dull and unfavourable outer image, the truth is that Virgos are sympathetic, and usually prove to be possessed of much more than meets the eye. Their carefully measured walk, symmetrical bodies and typically youthful, innocent features are telling. There is often something "petite" and spare about the physical appearance, especially the face, of Virgo.

A typical example of the everyday man, whose ordinariness somehow borders on the unearthly is Keanu Reeves (a stellium of Sun, Ascendant, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo). Reeves seems to me to represent a cross section of the human race, devoid of any very distinct quality, yet extremely personable in a quiet Virgoan way. Many mysterious and feminine actresses were born with Virgo prominent. The compassionate, delicate and somewhat subdued image projected by Ingrid Bergman (Sun, Mercury and Venus in Virgo) is prototype, as is Sophia Loren's earthy yet detached beauty. Michael Jackson represents the eccentric side of Virgo - a highly developed individuality bordering on the plain strange, hypersensitivity and obsession with details people would normally not consider. Amongst all of this is of course great talent and intelligence, and shrewdness in business.

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