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Mystery, elusiveness, sensitivity, sympathy. Vague words are required to describe vague Pisces. With Pisces we are dealing with the true chameleon of the zodiac, someone apt in assuming whatever role it finds appealing. Some male Pisceans try hard to be macho. Usually it's a pure act, but since Pisces typically lacks the strong ego boundaries of other signs, any identification with an ideal can easily go deep enough to become a real part of the person.

Strongly Piscean women are almost uniformly feminine, possessing that fragile and enigmatic quality that evokes fascination and protectiveness in both men and women. All three watersigns are distinguished by their eyes; with Pisces it is not so much the immediate characteristics of the eyes, as in Scorpio's intense, at the same time inward and outward gaze, or the moonchild almond-eyes of Cancer. Surely most Pisceans have very expressive and beautiful eyes, but it is rather the feeling they project - that of the boundless ocean, the other-worldliness that is so hard to pinpoint. Look for that long lost "soul" quality - the gaze of sympathy and understanding. In spite of being quite shy, Pisceans tend to stare a lot.

Neptune, ruling planet of Pisces, is the king of illusion and estrangement. Pisces radiates a special larger-than-life quality that resists categorization and can sometimes seem rather unstable. Some people are perhaps annoyed by Pisces' excessive tolerance of other people, and their unwillingness to provide straight answers. Pisces always seems distracted, longing for something far away, perhaps in another dimension. When asked about the contents of their daydreams, most fall short in trying to describe them. Imagine the sage or poet, gently possessed of a quiet wisdom and soul-strength beneath the openly vulnerable exterior, and you've got the stereotype Pisces.

The highly feminine appeal of actress Jennifer Love Hewitt (Sun and Mercury in Pisces, Sun trine Scorpio Ascendant) seems unmistakably water/Pisces in quality. Benicio del Toro (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Pisces, Venus/Saturn involved in a water grand trine with Neptune and Jupiter) has that shady mysterious allure that in his case led to portraits of questionable yet magnetic characters. Cindy Crawford, who publicly embodied the more glamorous feminine mystery of Pisces for quite some time, has an incredible stellium of planets in Pisces close to the Midheaven (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn) along with a Cancer Ascendant and Neptune in Scorpio making a trine to the Piscean Mars/Saturn conjunction. Singer Johnny Cash (Pisces Ascendant as well as the Sun, Mercury and Mars conjunct in Pisces opposite Neptune in Virgo) could have fooled anyone with his tough-guy appearance and spare songs. Upon reflection though, every single breath he took bore the unmistakable stamp of Pisces - the attraction to the depths and lows of life, the non-judgemental attitude towards the "sinner", the abuse of drugs, the ancient timbre of his voice, the belief in the mystical purifying power of music and of course his timeless yet idiosyncratic songwriting.

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