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Professionalism, dignity, strength, impersonality. Although it is no challenge to describe the characteristics of Capricorn, it is not always easy to recognize typical Capricorn behaviour and appearance. Most Cappys come out as solid, no-nonsense individuals with a somewhat impersonal "get the work done" attitude. Then there are quite a few of the soft, responsive type who glorify imagination and mystery. Usually, the best way to spot a goat is to look for a melancholy, serious exterior below which dwells a dry sense of humour. Capricorns are surrounded by an air of effectivity and competence. Even their posture and body language speak of practicality and the desire for problem-solving. Capricorns always conceive of things as problems to be overcome or tasks to be completed. Realizing this, recognizing them becomes easier - Capricorns want to effectively remove not only their own but also everybody else's obstacles. They sometimes appear cautious or even shy; the kind of person who won't give away anything, and you suspect there is more to them than meets the eye. Many Capricorns give an impression of humility, but few are unaware of their own real worth and ability.

Physical features vary. The popular notion of Capricorn appearance is a slender, bony type tending towards dusky and dark colors of hair and skin, a sharp, pointed nose, thin hair and marked cheekbones. However, many male Capricorns seem to contradict this image. They appear to be heavier and more robust, with an open face and generous proportions, much like the prototype "good" male romantic hero. The sense of sturdiness and sharpness remains, though. Female Capricorns are even harder to pinpoint. They can be quiet, squarish types who dissolve into the background. Yet experience shows that Capricorn women (not just models and moviestars) often have a spare, very unique beauty of their own - what might be described as a sense of purity and detachment seemingly at odds with their candid sensuality.

Celebrity Capricorn Anthony Hopkins (Sun, Ascendant, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn) gracefully show the immense dignity, patience and quiet strength of the goat in full bloom. Dictator Joseph Stalin (Sun in Capricorn square Saturn in Aries, Ascendant in Capricorn) on the other hand exemplifies the occasional despotic purposefulness of the goat. Faye Dunaway (Sun, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn) seems to me the classic image of "hard-headed woman", soaked in the typical superiority and restrained charisma and beauty of some Capricorn women.

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