Some old myths, truths and new observations about the zodiac signs

The basic traits associated to the different zodiac signs have been more or less stable since the ancient days. However, it is clear that some of the traditional conceptions were based on rigid notions and prejudices that bear little resemblance to what experience today shows us to be natural and typical for the various zodiac signs. Below I discuss some of the characteristics from my own perspective, admittedly not always an impartial one. But then again they aren't meant to be taken as gospel truths either.

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Daring Aries is seldom the loudmouth he is thought to be. These people don't go to great lengths just to be noticed, they aren't excessively aggressive, rude or masculine. However, they are almost unequivocally full of burning passion and energy, searching for purity and grand ideas, but in a dignified, respectful way. Very proud, idealistic and innocent (as opposed to sly or scheming) and sometimes very egoistic or egocentric. The false myths about Aries consequently seem to pertain mostly to social/outer behaviour and appearances. Another Aries myth concerns the need of the sign to rush through things. Not when it comes to explanations and summaries. Aries is often thorough to the point of ridicule, and seldom know when to lay off.

Poor Scorpio may have the worst astrological reputation of all signs. Vengeful, jealous and overly intense, the classic image of Scorpio seldom falls short of being overbearing to a maximum. In my opinion these remarks are exaggerated, and in fact are often outweighed by the emotionalism of Scorpio. With the risk of offending some dear Scorpio dames, I must say the excessive personal demands and innate willfulness ascribed to Scorpio is more noticeable in females. But even in their case, reputation outweighs reality. While Scorpio is claimed to be a calculating control freak, and on the other hand signs such as Leo or Libra idealistic romantics inclined to throw themselves heedlessly into passionate unions, I find the reverse to be more common. Leos and Libras can be very self-protective and utilitarian when it comes to love and romance. Taurus is the most sexually oriented sign, not Scorpio. That is, sexuality in its carnal, animal form is particularly strong in Taurus. Scorpio is more changeable and more inclined to immerse themselves in sex for other reasons than pure enjoyment and pleasure. In contrast to the other Scorpionic qualities described above, male Scorpios tend to be more obsessed with sex than female Scorpios (having nothing to do with the (purported) view that men want sex more than women).

The idea of Gemini being a highly flexible sign is in itself a very flexible truth. While the Twins lack much moral or other reservations, and sees things in two lights always, their flexibility actually amounts to flexing between complete rigidity and complete lack of platform essence. Geminis seem to take on some ideas fanatically just for the fun of it, or because they imagine they need to, to prove the ultimate relativity of everything. These rigid positions are normally in the mental sphere, amongst ideologies, ideas and opinions. They fanatically embrace certain ideas and give them up just as fast. Few Geminis venture seriously and deeply into philosophy, for example. There is no patience and no stamina. Sometimes the myths and half-truths within astrology can easily be polished up with a little correct analyzing of levels. Such is the Virgo myth of sexual prudence and moderation. Most people with strong Virgo influence are quite particular about everything, fussy about hygiene and hence unlikely to throw themselves heedlessly into beastly bodily activities. However, Virgos per se aren't sexually modest but can in fact be quite promiscuous. This is because promiscuity rather relates to ethical or social liberality concerning sex, not to the lack of inhibition or fussiness when it comes to the physical aspect of lovemaking, that of mixing bodily fluids etcetera. Virgos have no more moral reservations concerning sex than other people.

It has struck me through years of observation, that no matter how much Capricornians diverge from the typical characterization of their sign, all of them carry the quality of professionalism. Their main focus is to get things done, impersonally. As if they were vehicles for some end-obsessed ideology that nobody else is aware of. Capricorns can be clowns, extroverted and impulsive (in contrast to the traditional picture) but they are always working on getting something done. And this means reaching out and organizing and fixing for people they hardly have any real connection to. Aesthetics and value, as well as motive, mean little to these people compared to facts and results. In the same vein, approval and compliments usually mean little to Capricorns. And this can be the case even when the Sun is the only placement in the sign. Some of this is shared by Virgo, but Capricorn seems more focused and intense in their desire to get things together.

A rather strange observation I made that seems to contradict the classic image of the sign quite profoundly, is that many Sagittarians tend to be close-fisted. Definitely not all - there are many extravagant, greatly generous Sagittarians, as would be expected from the influence of Jupiter. Still numerous examples gravitate towards cheapness. Whether it is pure coincidence or not will be left unresolved. Perhaps Sagittarians believe that to make all their grand ideas and plans come to life, they have to make sure not to waste their resources on small and unworthy trivialities. The tender Pisceans, in line with their mythology, are usually gentle and sensitive souls. Still they are very hardy. They seem to bounce back and endure with illimitable patience and inner strength, in spite of the fact that a mere look can sometimes traumatize them. A related observation concerning the sign of Libra: most Libras aren't nearly as indecisive as zodiac history has them to be. They are often quite willful and determined. Their greatest weakness seems to be insecurity and sometimes a rather shallow affectedness, but they are masters at hiding both.
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