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The symbol of the sign Virgo Sun in Virgo

(Virgo zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

The sign of Virgo remains difficult to characterize and summarize in a satisfying way, because of its inherent multi-dimensionality. Not quite as in the case of Gemini - where changeability and versatility is an obvious personality trait. But with Virgo there are so many different sorts, such great span of at least outer character. Some Virgos correspond to the classic image of the sign - correct, analytical, conventional, thorough, pedantic, humble and retiring but somewhat cool and distant. In spite of this a certain "arty", bohemian disposition is not uncommon among Virgos. Astrologers point to the kinship between opposite signs of the zodiac, and in the case of Virgo this could explain quite a bit. Pisces, the opposite sign of Virgo, is known as the day-dreaming sign of imagination and art. Virgo is known to be virginal and prudent - yet it is rumuored that Virgos of both sexes are among the most promsicous there is, and that an usual amount of female models of somewhat questionable reputation are born as the sun crowns Virgo. A fact that has given rise to the slightly ironic joke of Virgo the virgin being "the whore of the zodiac".


Virgo ends the first half of the zodiac year, and is considered to be the culmination of the "personal" or "individual" signs that starts with Aries. After the generous and focused but self-centered energy of Leo, Virgo feels the need to refine and decentralize that energy to administrative perfection. That is why Virgos often find themselves as being the middleman in life, with the special task of assimilating their own person and things around them to ensure the best use of everything. Virgo must transform the private or personal substance of the preceding signs and prepare for that more collective or social form it has yet to merge into beginning with Libra. Therefore, many Virgins are drawn to situations that require their talent as counsellors and helpers, self- sacrificing and untiring editors of everything in close proximity. With their eye for detail, and attentively humanitarian disposition, they make fine good samaritans. It may not be deep empathy that acts as primary motivation for this resourcefulness, but rather the desire for functionality and correctness.

In the same vein, the emotional detachment of Virgo may be experienced as a boundary against people trying to probe their inner selves. In any way it is hard not to appreciate the Virgin qualities of intelligence, humility and nobility of character. The unassuming friendliness and tact of Virgo are qualities of great value in the world of today. Virgo people need only to watch out for the common trap of "not seeing the forest for all the trees." They would gain from taking a more philosophical approach to the everyday problems and details of living, and from lessening their demands upon themselves. A strain of cynicism and criticality not so much appreciated by the people around them is common in Virgo natives. Emotionally, Virgo tends towards a strange combination of devotion/closeness and distance, and it is difficult to generalize about their relationship-patterns.

Five representative Virgos:
Cinematic: Greta Garbo
Politics: Cardinal Richelieu
Literature: D.H. Lawrence
Music: Michael Jackson
Miscellaneous: Mother Theresa

Element: Earth

Modality: Mutable

Ruling planet: Mercury

Body part: Stomach

Virgo associations:
Health, nutrition, purity, service, messengers, pets, craft, assimilation, management

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