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The symbol of the sign Taurus Sun in Taurus

(Taurus zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

Two common ideas about Taurus the bull must be reconsidered. The first is that Taurus is a simple materialist whose only goal in life is simple wealth. Indeed, Taurus natives value financial security, and have a typical Venusian love of luxury and beautiful things. But that doesn't mean they can't maintain a diversity of interests or care for spiritual matters. Another similar idea sees Taurus as a pragmatic realist completely focused on everyday affairs. This is a highly questionable belief, considering that a very large share of the greatest philosophers in history were born under this sign. Systematic and patient thinking is the domain of Taurus; perhaps their mentality doesn't belong to the lightning-speed category, but it certainly is one of the most thorough. A Taurus seldom speaks without backup and reason, or ventures into subjects they happen to be ignorant about.


In order to understand how the Taurean relates to the world, it helps to draw a comparison to the opposite zodiac sign of Scorpio. Scorpio, born with the inner urge to transform themselves and their environment differs from Taurus, who seek rather the reasonable limits of what is given to her consciousness. Taurus brings a stabilizing quality - people with strong influence from the bull harbours a kind of energy aimed at integration of the "materials" at hand. Taurus is a sensualist, really living through their skin, experiencing data from the senses to an unusually intense degree. Sometimes their world-view is slightly narrow or squarish, and a quite healthy measure of conservatism may show, especially as Taurus grows older. This comes from an innate stubborness and unwillingness to change what they think is already a productive state of affairs.

The concepts of value and worth are central to the taurean mind. For Taurus, the act of valuing represents primarily the importance of finding self-worth and meaningfulness in their own lives. The desire to be able to look upon themselves with respect and to contribute something of lasting value. You'd often hear a Taurus native verbally sketch images from the ideal or desirable life, dreaming of places and situations that oozes harmony and consequence, eager to find the right place for everything. With venus as ruling planet, Taurus indeed shows a certain weakness for pleasure as well as a tendency for indulgence and exaggeration. But there is also a purely aesthetic side - since value remains essential for the bull, the idea of beauty also holds a lasting fascination. In relationships the bull tends to be whole-hearted, sensual and sincere, not losing their sense of reason and caution. Their emotional responsiveness tends to be slow but steady.

Five representative taureans:
Cinematic: Jack Nicholson
Politics: Hitler, and abolitionist John Brown
Literature: Balzac
Music: Cher
Miscellaneous: Immanuel Kant

Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Ruling planet: Venus

Body part: Neck, throat

Taurus associations:
Earth, building, soil, money, art, farming, brown, nature materials, history, forests, food,

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