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The symbol of the sign Scorpio Sun in Scorpio

(Scorpio zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

Scorpio is the sign of the still, deep waters. While treacherously calm and quiet on the surface, there can be equal portions of intense emotion, empathy and jealousy beneath the surface. With Scorpio, few things are given or predictable, except for that personal intensity. Everything that is touched by or channelled through the sign of Scorpio gets an injection of emotional energy. Scorpios are fated to feel the highs and lows of existence more powerfully than others. This is where the reputation of extremism comes from that so often is associated to the sign. That Scorpio sees it all in black and white, with no middle ground. While this is partly true, the result of the equation is quite unexpectedly that Scorpios tend to be relativists, seeing good and evil, pleasure and pain as interchangeable phenomena along the yin-yang axis of polarity. Scorpio is endowed with strong senses, both physically and psychologically, and naturally aims for the core of problems, much like a lens or magnifying glass. This aspect of their personality is somewhat similar to the analysis of Virgo, but while Virgo is intellectually detached and driven by practical concerns, Scorpios point of view is intuitive and in general quite personal.


It is quite impossible for someone of strong Scorpio influence to treat matters lightly and with disinterest. They are serious, eager folk with a very examinative attitude. Some find Scorpios hard to deal with, but when their sensitivity and intensity is understood and appreciated, Scorpios becomes more whole-hearted and generous than most. Many Scorpios feel split between two ways of gripping with reality. One part of them is reserved, secretive and shy, unwilling to open up and risk to be "exposed" to the world. The other powerfully desires to express all the personality and individuality that is stored inside. Both halfs of the Scorpio personality are usually control freaks. People say Scorpios are impossible to understand. Whatever goes on below that shady smoke-screen that is the exterior of a Scorpio? Even though Scorpios often show feelings of approval or dislike quite openly, they can be extremely impenetrable with regard to their thoughts and plans. Most Scorpios perfectly hide what they really wish to hide. To Scorpio, it's all about preservation of the self and its powers; sort of like "tell it, and it's gone".

Scorpios can be quite elitist, eager to differentiate between and categorize people and values. Personal ruthlessness, intense jealousy and a condemning, vengeful nature isn't uncommon. Still, Scorpios tend to have a vast reservoir of compassion and pity for those less fortunate - another typical paradox of the sign. There few more disputed discussions than that of Scorpio sexuality. Classically Scorpio associates with sex, death and reproduction, a fact that has led interpreters to claim Scorpio to be quite simply "horny as hell". Of course, this is a banal statement; Scorpios are indeed quite sexually driven, but they often use sex as a means to power or manipulation, or demands it as a proof of love. Bottom line - when Scorpio is loved and finds circumstances worthwile, they show great honesty, passion, emotional courage and conviction. They are great problem-solvers and advisors, intuitively understanding the complex inner processes of the human being. Likewise, they are very perceptive to subtle and "trivial", emotional, subjective matters.

Five representative Scorpios:
Cinematic: Winona Ryder
Politics: Teddy Roosevelt
Literature: Sylvia Plath
Music: Joni Mitchell
Miscellaneous: Picasso

Element: Water

Modality: Fixed

Ruling planet: Pluto

Body part: Sex organs, bladder

Scorpio associations:
Deep waters, lakes, wells, secrets, transformation, rebirth, suffering, power, poison,

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