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The symbol of the sign Sagittarius Sun in Sagittarius

(Sagittarius zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter or King Zeus, the great god of fortune. It is a visionary sign connected with human progress and intellectual battle. As is the case with all three of the fire-signs, there is a great deal of enthusiasm and idealism, and often spirituality. If you come across a typically Sagittarian priest or rabbi, you'll probably find one out of two types. Either the traditional fundamentalist - intent on keeping the sacred sacred and the profane profane, disturbed by modern attempts at vulgarizing religion and bringing it out of its ritualistic context. Or, you might encounter the very opposite, a reformer of spirituality, eager to transform the old and frozen. Even those Sagittarians with a markedly detached, ironic world-view tend to keep a sense of spirituality and an inborn yearning for all forms of higher learning and metaphysical values. Like its opposite sign, Gemini, Sagittarius needs room for movement, and prefers vast, airy spaces for the body and the spirit. They simply want to spread their energies widely and with grand gestures. Look around the room for someone who seems to radiate light and space - even shy or grouchy Sags have some quality of lightness and untaintedness over them, and they exude a certain charitable nobility.


On the other hand one can be astounded by their lack of self-consciousness and modesty - subtlety is seldom one of Sagittarius' stronger traits. By sheer enthusiasm, the Sagittarian is prone to sometimes forget all norms of discreet and sensible behaviour within the framework of human interplay. Someone who says "that person acts like a grown child", quite likely refers to a strongly Jupiterian person. As one might figure out from the archer symbol of Sagittarius, these people aim for highly set targets, and demand much - often unrealistically so. They simple can't figure out how anyone could want any less and be satisfied, so to speak, with only half. Accordingly, Sagittarians more than others face disappointment and desillusion when they realize how many of their aspirations have turned to dust.

While the nonchalance and tactlessness of the sign may repel some people, Sagittarians are loved for their honestness and eager search for truth. Sagittarius loves people and social intercourse and they're indefatigable promoters of worthwhile ideas and enterprises. Since they keep a sense a of childish magic and the spirit of youth, they are a great inspiration to the young, determined not the let the mundanity of the everyday quench imagination. Following the nature of its ruling planet Jupiter, Sagittarius is an expansive sign, thinking in terms of broadness and generalities. Rumour has it that Jupiterian people have a great deal of luck, and its influence tends to enlarge the dimension of whatever it touches. Sometimes Sagittarians have trouble managing details and nuances, and are often accused of being fanatic about what they pursue and besserwissers in what they believe. They need to learn moderation, and how to restrain some of their optimistic impulses. In relationships they can show a paradoxical traditionalism in combination with promiscuity - whatever their attitude, independence and personal freedom is of great importance, and few Sagittarians can cope with too much domestication.

Five representative Sagittarians:
Cinematic: Bette Midler
Politics: Winston Churchill
Literature: William Blake
Music: Jimi Hendrix
Miscellaneous: Walt Disney

Element: Fire

Modality: Mutable

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Body part: Thighs, hips

Sagittarius associations:
Religion, law, sports, mythology, spirituality, higher learning, growth, arrows, bows, idealism

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