Playboy playmates choose their man

Is there any correspondance between the Sun sign of a woman and her idea of the ideal man?
Hugh Hefner
Don't see enough fun statistical investigations these days? Well here is a not-so-serious one for astrology. Judging from the answers of Playboy Playmates through the sixties, seventies and eighties, can Sun sign (Zodiac sign) alone give any clue as to the characteristics of a woman's ideal man? Only a little more than one third of the Playmates are presented with a question such as "ideal man", "my man is..." or "what I like in men" (at least judging from what is available at the Playboy website). Nevertheless, the circa 150 answers recorded here may or may not shine some light on the belief that a woman's Sunsign describes qualities that she also idealizes, respects and seeks in a man. You will notice a considerable lack of balance in the number of women born under different signs. Whether this is pure coincidence or a revealing astrological circumstance remains unknown.

Sun in Aries answers

The Aries, Taurus and Gemini groups are too small to provide any indications of what these women fancy to be the ideal man. It is still interesting to note that three out of four Arians pick a particular age as an ideal. And then of course the independent and arrogant Aries-attitude of "I plan to be a star; and he'll have to deal with that."

- The fact that they're men!
- A lawyer, about 29 years old, who is considerate, outgoing and good-looking (of course).
- A 24-year-old advertising salesman who's nutty and chubby.
- He is 25-35, sexy, very successful, w/integrity. He is sensitive, definitely not macho. I plan to be a star; and he'll have to deal with that.

Sun in Taurus answers

If the Taurus group was considerably larger, there would probably be more responses along the lines of "He's over 30, in a Versace suit, stable in money and in mind", which sums it up for many Taureans, intent on security and style.

- Ambition, personality, gentlemanly behavior.
- Fred Dryer.
- Sensitive, sincere, intelligent, stimulating, creative, successful and fun.
- He's able to find humor in the darkest of circumstances. He makes no excuses and isn't afraid to show his emotions.
- He's over 30, in a Versace suit, stable in money and in mind.

Sun in Gemini answers

Two Gemini women mentioning "manners", but otherwise nothing much to say here.

- Money, looks. I get a kick out of most men.
- Manners, good looks, height and dark hair.
- Good manners, men who are good and kind to everyone, a sense of humor.
- A sense of humor and expensive tastes.
- 26, airline pilot (so we could travel), strong, good personality, honest, likes to dance, always trying something new, and loves children.
- Confident, attractive, well-dressed, tall, funny, caring, gentle, honest.

Sun in Cancer answers

Much as the stereotype image of Cancer promises, 3 out of 11 playmates cite "romantic" as desired quality, which actually isn't very frequent among the other signs. One of these three even elaborates to "old-fashioned romance" - indeed Cancer in a nutshell.

- Youth, mature subtlety.
- Creative and keen intellect, perception and individualism.
- Gentleness, tenderness.
- Tall, tan, slender, with blue eyes and white teeth.
- 32, a writer, honest, charitable, humble and with a love for life.
- An insurance broker, about 26, sexy, with a great sense of humor.
- Old-fashioned romance is the key to my heart. A man who portrays these qualities will definitely steal my heart.
- An attractive, romantic man who takes care of business and pleasure with lots of energy.
- Warm, sensitive, good sense of humor, well built, successful, intelligent, a gentleman.
- He has a zest for life ... his mind moves a mile a minute ... he makes me laugh ... he thinks of his woman before he thinks of himself.
- He's romantic, impulsive and madly in love with me. He has sexy eyes and looks great in 501 jeans!

Sun in Leo answers

Courteous, respectful and considerate all-round gentlemen seems to be the Leo ladies' cup of tea. Considering that dignity and pride is so essential to the Leo sign it is perhaps unsurprising.

- Intelligence, consideration, neatness, all-around good looks.
- Gentleness, warmth, unpredictability.
- Integrity, ambition.
- Courteous and considerate gentlemen.
- Politeness, respect for women.
- Sincerity, masculinity, manners.
- Should be sensitive and deep but still have the ability to enjoy things and have fun.
- Age has no bearing on maturity, the physical and material are unimportant but spiritual character a must.
- A person who is only serious when he is working.
- Self-employed, a man's man, good appearance and beautiful inside too.
- Sensitive, intelligent, good sense of humor, secure about himself.
- Intelligent, masculine, unselfish, someone who makes my knees shake!
- Sean Connery's couth, Dudley Moore's hilarity, Miles O'Keeffe's sensuality, Robert Plant's hair -- I call that gusto!
- A man who loves himself enough to become truly intimate with me.

Sun in Virgo answers

Virgo, being a sign of reason and detachment seems to have a preference for intelligence/IQ (5 times). The rather unexpected "aggressive mind" may also be considered a related concept.

- Medium height, slender, blue eyes and dark curly hair
- Intelligence, good income, athletic interests
- Enthusiasm, gentleness, trust
- I like a man with an aggressive mind and someone who is well-liked and respected by the people around him.
- Kindness, thoughtfulness, ambition.
- Understanding and thoughtfulness.
- The honest way men admire things.
- Good looks, intelligence.
- A Rolling Stone, and very strong.
- Is older than 24, a salesman, (men who can sell anything usually have the best personalities), light-hearted and sincere and loves the water.
- "Hip" but "hippie," ambitious, liberal, confident, affectionate, mod but masculine.
- Mature, confident, witty, intelligent, good sense of humor, loving and knows how to please me.
- Sensual, communicates openly, sense of humor; impulsive and my best friend.
- Understanding, caring, loving and fun to be with.
- Very romantic, secure, intelligent, sensitive yet masculine.
- Artistic, goal oriented, passionate about his work and his life, genius I.Q., long hair.

Sun in Libra answers

Though the largest group with 19 playmates, coherence isn't great among the Librans. However, Libran qualities such as politeness (2 times), charm, sophistication and "excellent manners" are mentioned.

- Money in their pockets, hair on their chests, brains in their heads.
- Understanding, affection, personality.
- Sensitivity, kindness
- Humor, honesty, and intelligence
- Politeness, dark hair and blue eyes, savoir faire, good dancers
- Charm and intelligence
- Attentiveness, consideration, shyness
- Excellent manners, a sense of humor, money and ambition
- Quiet and sincere.
- Be neat, clean-shaven and wear plenty of cologne!
- Maturity and honesty.
- I'll let you know. I've been looking
- Humorous and broadminded.
- Occupation doesn't matter (just so long as he's got a job!), good sense of humor, polite and fun.
- Self-sufficient, independent, honest, sensitive, attractive and who has a healthy mind.
- Successful, creative, honest, sincere, intelligent, sense of humor, protective.
- Athletic type, sophisticated and sensitive. Someone who knows what he wants.
- A man who will accept me for me, push me to do my best, be confident and secure with himself, but above all be loving and understanding.
- Knows how to dance and flirt and keeps a few things secret.

Sun in Scorpio answers

Scorpio sees through appearances, looking for depth of emotion and inner character. While not uniformly seen here, one notices the desire for authenticity in several of the Scorpio women's descriptions.

- Salt and pepper hair, matching clothes.
- Independent, considerate and ambitious.
- Who is humble, honest and has intestinal fortitude.
- Age does not matter, as long as he has character.
- Fairly conservative, decisive, flexible, exciting, optimistic, a bit moody, aggressive, career-minded yet home-loving, tender and affectionate, and wears the pants.
- An outdoor type, burly and rugged but gentle.
- Ambitious, intelligent, well-built body, a ready smile, attentiveness, loving and fun.
- Someone who is always there and has an open mind.
- Good hearted, motivated, funny, honest, hard to find!
- A handsome, intelligent, fun man with a goal in life.

Sun in Sagittarius answers

Sagittarius is the second largest group, with 18 playmates. It also appears to be the most coherent group - with eight! out of eighteen citing either honest or sincere as an ideal virtue, mirroring the classic image of Sagittarius sincerity and openness. 6/18 cite humor/funny or witty, also commonly associated with Sagittarius.

- Athletic with a moderate disposition
- Sincerity, intelligence
- Sincerity in their friendships
- Honesty and sincerity.
- Is tall and thin, interested in the visual arts and self-sufficient.
- Full of humor.
- A man preferably older than myself, established in business and very intelligent (a professor?).
- In his mid-30s, creative, intelligent and kind with a great sense of humor.
- My ideal man is also my best friend. He has tremendous sex appeal, yet is not macho. He motivates me but does not control me.
- Active, witty, warm and sensitive, most of all, a man who can not only keep up with me, but keep me in line.
- Secure, happy, intelligent, non-possessive, open, honest and fun!
- Patient, honest, outgoing, content, affectionate and fairly athletic.
- An older man who's adventurous with a sense of spontaneity, an English accent.
- Intelligent, funny, successful, honest, sensitive and loves dogs!
- Intelligent, honest, believing in the Lord, respectfulness in himself, energetic, athletic, tall, dark, handsome man who can really treat me like a lady.
- Both confident and sensitive, he treats me like a lady but respects me as an equal.
- Ambitious, honest, hard-working, tender, romantic, with gorgeous, striking eyes.
- Good sense of humor, seductive smile, great bod! and is my best friend.

Sun in Capricorn answers

While the word 'strong' shows up only at two other places, under Gemini and Virgo, it is mentioned by three different Capricorn playmates! Strong personalities, Strong character, strong, silent type. All in accordance with classic Capricorn qualities and likings. Also humor/wit is specified by six out of thirteen playmates - Capricorn is known for their comedic talents and dry sense of humor.

- Strong personalities -- that quality that demands respect
- Individuality, humor
- Sense of humor, and understanding
- A good personality and looks!
- Strong character to keep them from going wild.
- The strong, silent type.
- Slender, witty and versatile.
- Would have to be my male counterpart -- someone who felt the same as I do. But he'll have to be much more understanding and patient!
- Game for adventure, great sense of humor, fairly aggressive and . . . able to "take care of business".
- Tall, a great sense of humor, sensitive yet masculine
- Dark, masculine, soft curls, green eyes, rhythm, a sense of humor . . . who showers me with affection.
- His whole appearance attractive by first and second sight, creative, mentally aware, conquistador in the world of love.
- John Elway, Randy Stoklos, Marcus Allen, Athletes, Athletes, Athletes!!!!

Sun in Aquarius answers

The Aquarius group does not come out as strong in comformity, save the preciseness and detail observed in many of the answers. Also, we might say, the rather original suggestions seen here. I guess the unpredictability of Aquarius is what to expect.

- My ideal man is also my best friend. He has tremendous sex appeal, yet is not macho. He motivates me but does not control me.
- They have to be over 6'2", have blond wavy hair and blue-green eyes, and be considerate, kind, and lovable
- Dark curly hair, likes music, good dancer, wild interests
- Most everything except dirty hands and dirty fingernails
- Hairy chests, sense of humor, intelligence, strength of character and warm personalities
- Well-read well-mannered, impeccably dressed, tactful, attractive but unassuming, self-made
- Is intelligent, green-eyed, and clever.
- Is about 25, in the field of art, and an intellectual.
- Ambitious, confident, well-mannered, amiable, a realist with a high regard for marriage and children (preferably Italian).
- I have never found him . . . but give me a chance.
- One who owns his own business and can take any day off to spend with me!
- Someone with lots of love to share, hard-working (no matter the career choice).
- Sense of humor, direction, understanding, integrity, sexy, handsome, conversationalist.

Sun in Pisces answers

Not much coherence can be found in the Pisces camp, as expected. However - one of the Pisces playmates describes her ideal man in a way that is almost ridiculously right on target, however subtle, for the imagination of this sign: "A musician, about 20, with a soft, low voice, a silent understanding of life and who can communicate with his eyes."

- Warmth, sincerity, fun
- Patience, sincerity, understanding
- Pleasing personality, common sense, fun-loving
- Personality, men who show due respect to ladies
- Money.
- Can't describe him because I haven't met him yet.
- A musician, about 20, with a soft, low voice, a silent understanding of life and who can communicate with his eyes.
- Someone working in law, politics or entertainment who's honest, open-minded and with a good sense of humor.
- He's very masculine, a bit chauvinistic, definitely tall and smells good!!!
- One who is not a quitter, lots of fun, considerate, truthful, humorous and protective.
- A man who keeps himself in shape mentally and physically.
- One who doesn't deny his own feminine qualities.
- Open, honest, down-to-earth, carries himself well, secure and Italian!


In sum, Sun signs alone fail to give conclusive evidence about a woman's preferences in the areas love and men, but we all knew that already. What is interesting is the seemingly coincidental surplus of particular adjectives at particular places - astrology, even in its shallow expressions, abounds with this sort of trivial indications that allures the mind.

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