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The symbol of the sign Pisces Sun in Pisces

(Pisces zodiac sign, sun sign or starsign)

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and completes the astrological metaphor of the development of the human. However heavy this burden may seem, it's something few Pisceans are aware of or experiencing at any personal level. But it is an important reason for why the sign of Pisces is connected to mysticism and spirituality. Having Pisces strong in one's horoscope tends to create an impression of remoteness, of distraction from the constraints of physical reality. Not surprisingly, Pisces is the sign of daydreaming, escapism and imagination. Few things are ordinary or one-dimensional to the Piscean mind. They see the world as a fleeting thing, and themselves as passengers with an uncertain destination. At the same time they are adept at deluding themselves and those around them. Pisces is not an easy sign to understand, and it is no help that Pisceans are chameleons who bear with them qualities borrowed from all the other zodiac signs.


All Pisceans are seekers. This may be hard to believe for all those who are surrounded by seemingly solid fish-people. But for Pisces, nothing is ever only what is or what it seems to be. Everything has an additional, mystical dimension - an emotional and intangible component that remains undefinable to rational thought and more or less impossible to communicate to others. Pisces is known as a sensitive sign. Certainly most Pisceans are sensitive as in having much emotional sensibility, yet a more correct term would be receptive. Pisces is in tune with its surroundings, able to pick up on subtle energies and hints that others are untouched by. But there is a different kind of Pisces type, known as the "shark" och "whale" type. On the surface, this fish seems less sensitive and empathetic and more forceful, sometimes domineering. The type is not really different from the other at a profound level; there is a psychological explanation for their behaviour. The Piscean psyche is so open, at times bordering on the mediumistic, and some individuals aren't cut out to deal with this kind of sensitivity. To rescue their sense of self, they overcompensate in "realism" and in asserting themselves.

Some of the problems of the sign are inertia and a bohemian laissez-faire attitude. Many Pisceans are so humble and retiring that they always put others first and shy away from responsibility. Elusive and slippery, they find honesty and straightforwardness difficult. The Piscean frequently has a very personal sense of morality that denies conventional norms of society in favor of the individual or subjective predicament. Also, addictive behaviour of any kind is often ascribed to Pisces. But it is too simple to think of Pisces as the sign of alcoholism or drug abuse, since this kind of orientation is partly genetic and a product of milieu, and from an astrological point of view rather a result of certain planetary aspects and influences. At its best, Pisces is the embodiment of empathy and selfless sacrifice - the symbols of the martyr and also of Jesus Christ are Piscean images. Pisces is an inspirational and highly creative sign. If they find discipline and the right instrument for their talents, Pisceans have vision and inner strength enough to recreate the world, or at least contribute with something unique, magic and otherworldly.

Five representative Pisceans:
Cinematic: Elizabeth Taylor
Politics: Ralph Nader
Literature: Stephane Mallarmé
Music: George Harrison
Miscellaneous: Albert Einstein

Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Ruling planet: Neptune

Body part: Feet

Pisces associations:
Oceans, poetry, music, illusion, alcohol, Christianity, martyrs, hospitals, prisons, oil-platforms, infinity, eternity

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