Moon in Libra

This is probably the most diplomatic moon placement and one of those most intensely aware of the surrounding world in terms of other people, opinions and behaviour. Lunar Librans try hard to be unbiased and impartial, but they aren't always successful because of their own essential instability and their easily hurt feelings. They are great with people but can be utterly manipulative, smoothing everything to the extent that others are blinded as to how they've been fooled. The Libra moon's list of arguments is always impressive, and they constantly wish to reorganize any disruption around them. Harshness and rude, egotistic behaviour disturbs them more than anything.

In any way, a Libra moon brings true desire for peace and harmony, much spontaneous sympathy and an unusual need for stimulating partnerships with loved ones and friends. These people need a human mirror, someone to always reflect their moods and opinions, and they have trouble feeling whole when alone, in any kind situation. Their greatest fear is the idea of drawn-out loneliness. While sun-Librans can be openly egoistic and at times coldly impersonal, this is more seldom the case with moon-Librans. Intellectual and avid seekers of wisdom and enlightenment, they have a faculty for objective thinking when it doesn't concern themselves.

Moon in Scorpio

With the moon in Scorpio, one finds it nigh impossible to take lightly any matter that concerns the private self. Because they are so in touch with their feelings, at times completely overwhelmed by them, it is not easy for Scorpio moons to differentiate between the emotional and cognitive parts of themselves. On the other hand, these people are often the unsung masters of pure self-control. Scorpio moons care a lot about their own feelings, but they preserve themselves to maintain an emotional advantage over others. The Scorpio moon has a deeply rooted need for intense emotional experience, and may seek crises for the sake of potential transformation and rebirth.

Traditionally, Scorpio is seen as a hard position for the moon, but there is much emotional strength, endurance, frankness and whole-heartedness with this position. Not to mention great passion and loving devotion. These people are very intuitive, and can inject hope in and really help the ones they have chosen as worthy friends and associates. Being biased and guarded, they do not stretch their tentacles widely and generously, but the ones who are touched by them will benefit. The moon is an emotional planet and therefore quite at home in an emotional sign like Scorpio, although the introvert intensity and subjectiveness may create certain issues and hardships.

Moon in Sagittarius

The moon placed in Sagittarius produces a strain of fanatism, or at least didacticism, for at the core these people are pilgrims and imperialists of the mind. This tendency is typically masked in the form of broad cultivation and a liberal humanistic vision. Lunar Sagittarians are enthusiastic souls, and they wish everyone were possessed of equally burning and high-flying ideals. Indeed they are eager to help and inject passion in people the meet, and they are very avid students of everything, with a vast common knowledge. The dilemma for these people often concerns the need for personal freedom. They aren't too fond of routine and conventional systems.

Sagittarius moons are normally easy to get along with - they appreciate all kinds of people, and tend to be easygoing and gregarious, always in the mood for a good joke. Their sunny personality typically conceals a fear of limiting commitment and an inability to fathom the profound and demanding aspects of emotional human nature. Like moon-Aquarians, moon-Sagittarians may like everybody, and be quite in love with humanity, yet find it difficult to relate to people on a personal level. Moon in Sagittarius indicates elevated goals, but quite little sense of reality. They have an easily aroused and enthusiastic, but hardly endurant, emotional nature.

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn is traditionally considered a difficult placement, since Capricorn is the opposite sign of Cancer, naturally ruled by the moon. The hard edges and straight lines of Capricorn may indeed be a somewhat awkward place for the fluid, mysterious and sentimental moon. But most people with moon in Capricorn are sensitive people. Their problem is how to integrate this aspect of the personality without losing "face" - and so they may behave distant and as if they were void of feeling. Like the mothering of Cancer moons, Capricorn moons experience a father-complex and wants to father the world. They try to make up for in responsibility what they lack in spontaneous ability to express feelings. But these people never let you down - they are solid as rocks.

Capricorn moons rarely loose their cool and are sometimes considered reserved. Their ability not to loose their head is a great asset in comedy, and it's enlightening to discover the number of talented comedians with strong Capricornian influences. Furthermore, lunar Capricorns are quite focused on rooting themselves and creating some kind of family bonds from early on, since security is of great importance to their well-being. However professionally independent the may be (and usually are) - when it comes to domestic life they are conservative and traditional.

Moon in Aquarius

This moon placement produces a rather unconventional emotional nature, one where the need to be considered special and unique may be greater than any wish to be smothered by physical or emotional expressions of love from someone special. This is the kind person who seldom is burdened by heavy emotions or irresistible desires - instead, the Aquarian moon tries to integrate her feelings as part of the intellectual whole of the personality, seeing them as just another phenomena to observe. While their emotional detachment makes them able to behold quite impartially what they experience from the inside, other people may think of them as cold or in some kind of denial.

In truth, moon in Aquarius doesn't lack emotions, but their feeling-nature is simply less personal. Their concerns are directed more towards collective human interplay, a cosmic friendliness or sympathy. They are great observers of human nature, deeply fascinated by the workings of the mind. Lunar Aquarians can be the paradigm example of loners at heart. While they appreciate and empathize with everybody and are in turn liked by most, they still feel isolated and incapable of forming deeper bonds with people. These people can sometimes display erratic or "perverse" whims of behaviour, and their capacity for self-knowledge isn't nearly as good as their intuitive grasp on the rest of humanity.

Moon in Pisces

The Pisces moon tells of an extremely impressionable individual, in touch with everything. There is no simple way of separating inner from outer for these people and no limits for their receptive empathy. This Moon cannot stand brutality and is especially sensitive to the welfare of the underdog and defenseless animals. These people can understand anything, as long as it's not too rational, cold and logical. Their imagination is colorful and boundless, and they have a tendency to daydream and be absent minded, although they might not even be aware of it themselves. You will have to search long and hard for a Pisces moon that isn't one of the good sorts, and most would prefer to hurt themselves rather than a complete stranger.

Having this said, people with the Moon in Pisces can sometimes parasite on other people and find subtle ways of burdening the conscience of others (even though none is more prone to feel guilty than the Pisces moon herself). As true chameleons, these people can assimilate anywhere, and their openness makes them equally believable as complete innocents or world-weary men/women of the world. They are natural and highly nuanced actors. While they may seem breakable as glass, they are survivors, capable of being reborn from out of the most hopeless situations, like the vast, boundless ocean. They have to work with their ultra-sensitivity and try to be more thick-skinned. These people need solitude and quiet to regain balance.

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