Moon in Aries

This is a very spontaneous moon. Energy levels are high and Arian moons interact with uncommon immediacy and enthusiasm. More so than in the case of sun in Aries, there may be an issue of hot temper and loss of self-control. These people have the spirit of the fighter running in their blood, and a natural way of living the ideals of honesty and fair play. In a plainly quixotic way, they act before thinking and often before even feeling anything - taking action is a primal response to external stimulus. These people display a fascinating mix of emotionality and tough independence; often easily hurt and close to tears but other times they seem capable of drilling a hole through the earth.

Aries moon's sense of independence is not easily separated from what is primarily a radical unwillingness to take advice and a quite profound obstinacy. The Aries demand strong and visible, quick responses from others, and their heated passion needs an equally charged emotional reaction from the partner. They have an emotional need for expression, activity and passion. An obvious danger for lunar Arians is the tendency to always go for what they can't have, mostly for the sake of the hunt and the struggle. It is hence almost ridiculous how easily they retort to defensiveness and become indignant.

Moon in Taurus

This is considered an "exalted" position for the moon in traditional astrology, and people with Taurus moons tend to be good-natured, with a laidback disposition, strong constitution and healthy nerves. They respond slowly and act with consideration and decisiveness. They are physically and psychologically enduring and firm, with a deep inner need for stability and security. Taurus moon natives have acute senses that are powerfully affected by the immediate environment. These people are usually great lovers of nature and the earth, often ecologically aware and concerned about the welfare of all organisms.

It may not be the most exciting placement of the moon - these are usually not overtly dramatic, electrified personalities. But there is more than often a quiet but noticeable artistic strain running in their blood, as well as an earthy, seductive charm that eases its surroundings. You wont be able to persuade a taurus moon: their tremendous stubbornness is legendary. They'll listen and smile kindly, but will not rock, unless their common sense quite obviously tells them they're wrong. Conservatism is often dominant in these personalities, and they have little understanding for changes that seem unmotivated.

Moon in Gemini

With acute, lightning quick responses, these moons assess and categorize ideas and situations instantly. However, they rarely act upon all their impressions, since a Gemini moon creates a typically mental being, without much desire to intrude upon the actual physical world of being. These people have a knack for saying the right thing, a fine analytical intelligence and an inborn need to communicate, if not only by words. Sometimes they communicate with themselves, for this type is more than most aware of the dualism of the mind. Such an airy, Peter-Pan like heart have trouble finding an emotional centre, a reason being that often there is none. While socially charming and humorous, they still feel lost and alienated.

Since the Gemini moons are so fond of objectifying their feelings and emotions, they tend to make their inner nature think, and emotions constantly take the form of words and ideas. If this is depraved or just practical depends on the level of honesty and, bottom line, whether there actually exists any deeper feelings that are thwarted. Perhaps not - sometimes these people simply feel like the lack that emotional component. At least they always feel the divide between emotional and rational self to be a considerable one. Knowledge and studies remain a vital need all their life.

Moon in Cancer

At its home in Cancer, the moon becomes deeply rooted and receptive. The symbolical archetype for moon in Cancer is "the great mother", or the tide, the fluid emotions of femininity. Also in male horoscopes, moon in Cancer tends to increase the intuitive knack for and willingness to care, and to feel at one with the collective human soul. There is depth and power to the emotions of those with moon in Cancer, and they have somewhat of nature's spirit within them, indeed much like a wolf howling at the moon. These people have to watch not to get too caught up in their own private sphere of feeling, and try to fight their inclination to self-pity.

Cancer moons tend to have a sensitivity bordering on the psychic, able to soak up influences from their surroundings. They become very attached to people, memories and things. It's important to keep their integrity and emotional centre from fluctuating, since they are in great need of stability and security. Their genuine tenderness is hampered somewhat by their moodiness, since they're so subjective. Actually they feel no great respect for rationality. The strengths of this position are intuitive insight, "personality", emotional depth and a fabulous memory, while the more difficult traits tend to be stubbornness, a sometime narrow-mindedness, over-sensitivity and moodiness.

Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo shows the classic lover of life, living out life fully and utterly, the drama-queen and passionate, demanding lover. Perhaps more than sun in Leo, here we have the spirit of the stage/theatre personality, bursting with natural flair for public drama and creation. Exhibiting and recreating their ego is a deeply rooted need for these people, and constantly having to mute their impulses will make them sick and depressed. They need light and they need sun - moon in Leo literally becomes the image of the "burning heart". Though their expressiveness and craving for attention isn't always obvious, and they aren't always extroverts (Sun and Ascendant among other things modify), it sure is in there somewhere.

These people often behave like grown children, yet they have great amounts of love, warmth and generosity, and often a faculty for spotting talent in others. And they're the ideal party-fixers, always gracious and noble hosts. Self-confidence is often stronger than apparent, and the pride of these people might create the impression of snobbishness, which indeed isn't too far off. Pride and honor, a "treat me with respect" syndrome. Ignore a lunar Leo, and they'll be steaming with humiliation and indignation.

Moon in Virgo

Humility usually runs high in Virgo moon individuals. They are unassuming and feel no overwhelming desire to be leaders or great personalities. However, irrespective of what they believe or wish for themselves, they are often quite unique and different in their own way. Their instinctive knack for effectiveness and for organizing everyday affairs is a great asset in personal interrelations. These people are often true purists, a word that can be applied in many senses. Lunar Virgos could be fanatics within any area, completely focused on perfecting some aspect of the activity in question. They may be health freaks, or grave phobics (cleanliness).

Some Virgo moons shy away from expressing themselves emotionally and physically in public, and sometimes they condemn "impure" sexuality. But they could also be completely hedonistic and amorous. Usually they are quite Spartan and don't demand much out of life - there is a bit of Tao running in their veins. However, moon in Virgo isn't a very speculative or metaphysical, out-of-this-world placement. They need facts and tangible evidence (and are great with them, to the annoyance of some). They have great memories and faculty for categorizing and reasoning. Youthful at heart through their life, they have a way with young people and tend to be great guides and advisors.

Moonsigns part II

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