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Virgo and Scorpio match

Virgo and Scorpio can make for a good match, not least in the platonic sense, but also romantically. Scorpio is intrigued by someone apparently so similar in outwardly behaviour, yet that shows such a different emotionality. Virgo is when all comes around quite unmoved by deep emotional stirrings, but wants rather to let reason always steer them into harbor. Scorpio can't relate to this, but will still see Virgo as a serious and sensitive person. Virgo admires the passion, and above all the whole-hearted dedication of Scorpio, and is fascinated by their deep sexuality.

While Virgo is highly loyal, Scorpio may wish for another kind of loyalty - an internal, intangible emotional rapport. This may be something Virgo is unable to provide, for it is mainly the domain of the water signs of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. Nevertheless these signs are soundly similar. Reserved and usually prudent in worldly affairs, never recklessly flaunting their resources or their self. Both prefer few yet close friends to many, both may be drawn to loneliness yet in Scorpio's case it typically means with the partner. A potential success, if Virgo can cope with the intensity of Scorpio and Scorpio find enough in Virgo to stir their soul.

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