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Virgo and Libra match

Virgo and Libra may appear similar at first sight, with the polite care-taking attitude of Virgo and Libra’s considerable charm, attentiveness and social skills. This impression can remain in spite of the profound differences. One must remeber that Virgo is a practical, no-nonsense sign that basically wants the job done and done well, but isn’t that interested in idea and emotional expression. Libra on the other hand is an idealist and romantic who lives for the thrill of mental-sensual stimulation and the promise of partnership.

Virgo can be a loner, Libra is always a people’s person. Libra may also find Virgo a bit petty, while Virgo sees Libra as irresponsible or as a vain showoff. But there can be some sweet interaction here, some considerate moments of mutual understanding and sympathy. None of these signs are very emotional at the core. The nuances of the match make it an interesting combination, each providing something that on the surface seems similar but is more challenging below. A perhaps-combination, with average potential.

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