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Virgo and Capricorn match

If the intention of both is seriousness, this match is likely to hold up against any challenge. Virgo and Capricorn are two of the most practical and grounded signs, and whatever they decide to do, they usually do it properly. These two signs have much in common, one thing being that whatever they consider unimportant or unnecessary will not get a second's worth of attention. Virgo is a master at day-to-day organization and administration, while Capricorn has a knack for strategy and foresight - it is obvious that a business relationship would be beneficial for both, but what about love?

Capricorn is a highly passionate and dedicated lover once they let their guard down and commit. Virgo can be very passionate and loyal too, but are more inclined to cool off and get annoyed about minor issues. Yet they are typically very receptive to Capricorn and consider them to be sound and reasonable. Capricorn finds Virgo's tact and general neatness very attractive. As a romantic union this certainly has potential, but it risks becoming slightly dreary. For this isn't the sparkling, intense kind of attraction, rather a slow burner. Anyway, that probably just means that it's a winner in the long run.

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