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Taurus and Virgo match

These signs show the flowing harmony of the earth element together. Their basic approach to the world is similar and most of their values are common. Of course, Taurus is not as picky and analytical as Virgo, and this can be a source of irritation. Virgo considers the Taurus to be sloppy and somewhat indulgent, thinking that the great fondness for rich foods and everyday luxury of Taurus’ is less than ideal. Indeed, opinions on health, nutrition and exercise is important to the purist Virgo, and if the Taurus doesn't place much emphasis on these matters, things can go over the line. Taurus believes Virgo misses out on what really is important, and is not happy when Virgo turns on that frosty, disdainful demeanor. Especially in bed.

It’s not that Virgo is too prudent or uninterested, but they seldom let passions rule over their head – if Virgo is unhappy or annoyed, they’ll deny Taurus their fun. Taurus on the other hand won’t let anything stand in the way of their physical appetites and could soon be looking for a more consistent and needy bed partner. These issues are usually not disastrous though, and the good vibrations between these two people can overcome most obstacles. Their mutual practicality and no-nonsense attitude is quite helpful, able as they are to set aside temporary feelings. Sometimes they will bore each other, for this is not the most electric interaction, but they are loyal and affectionate and both realize that there is more to a union than excitement.

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