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Taurus and Taurus match

Two Bulls together accounts for a sensual, lazy and indulgent union. If the Taureans find each other to begin with, the relationship has potential for being a keeper. This peace-loving couple will hesitate to terminate the relationship and leave all the comfort and security for the uncertainty of a life without the partner. It seems likely that these people would get along fine - Venus as ruling planet lends affection and a similar fondness for the beautiful and comfortable things in life. But the Taurus is slow in action and thought, and if the relationship settles down into that steady eartly groove, below discernable radio-wave frequency, the two Bulls find it hard to stimulate each other enough for growth. Sometimes people need a little disturbance, a spark of fire to set the stage for renewal and change.

It's probably on a physical level that this match will flow the smoothest. Both parts need and usually provide the kind of steady, quietly intense passion that endures till the bitter end. Taurus has a great appetite for every kind of experience that involves sensing, and here is where they reach common ground. There is always the risk of boredom, but Taurus isn't easily bored and values constancy over excitement. Once these people start arguing, however, there may be no way out. Taurus is so stubborn, so intent on believing there is a "right" answer (that they usually have the privilege to possess themselves). When they are opposed by an equally stubborn mind, they are bound to nag and drag the issue to the very end, or even to the death of the relationship. Still, harmony is so important to Taurus that they'll usually go far in avoiding conflict. If fate can draw these thick-skinned souls together, they may stay.

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