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Taurus and Scorpio match

This meeting can be compared to the warning vibrations of a beginning earthquake. It is felt at gut level, but may never surface completely. Whatever the circumstances, it is rare that these two signs remain completely unmoved by each other. Taurus and Scorpio are zodiac opposites, and in general relate according to this astrological polarity. While considerably different, they still have a way of reacting and behaving that is mirrored by the opposite partner. In the case of Scorpio and Taurus this pull/push relationship seems stronger than usual, partly because they are so different, but also because both normally tend to be very fixed and centered within themselves. Scorpio, intense and emotional, wants to reach inside the apparent solidity of Taurus to shake up and transform at a deep level. Taurus, while not a stranger to deeper commitment, instinctively resists the probing of Scorpio to keep status quo intact.

Needless to say, this interaction be be volcanic at a sexual level. But the partners may be too incompatible and intent on defeating each other in their private power-struggle. Taurus sees Scorpio as defensive and emotionally too disruptive to be truly comforting. Scorpio feels Taurus is thick to the intricate sensitivities of human nature. There is little easy and light about this interaction, but for people with enough self-insight and a little detachment, it could be a purifying, intense experience.

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