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Taurus and Sagittarius match

First encounters may be brief and unpromising. Taurus claims Sagittarius to be a whirlwind, caught up in abstractions and naive ideals with little connection to reality. For Sagittarius, Taurus can seem slow, way too conservative and self-centered in their approach to ideas. Taurus will trust Sagittarius about as far as they can throw them, believing the Archer to be romantically as well as personally irresponsible. One thing unites them, though: appetites. Taurus has a strong appetite for anything that is tangible enough, and the magnifying, expansive nature of Sagittarius believes very few things ought to be taken with moderation.

The profound differences of the signs will nevertheless cause friction and leave the partners flabbergasted as to each others true inner motives. There is no natural platform at which their minds can meet and relate. Sagittarius values spontaneity and freedom, Taurus is possessive and quite a stranger to careless and impatient speech and action. Something always seems to be out-of-sync. Ultimately, what installs a beam of light in this relationship is the laid-back, peacemaking nature of these signs, acquired from their respective "fortunate" ruling planets Venus and Jupiter. Taurus and Sagittarius can certainly share a good laugh together, given that they don't just pass each other like ships in the night.

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