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Taurus and Pisces match

Taurus and Pisces are similar in many respects, except when it comes to priorities and what they deem to be important: in sum, their respective world-view and sense of reality. Taurus, while not a complete stranger to romanticism, will still always mind the basic needs and practicalities over ideals and intuitive hints about what might work. They are also the most physical of the signs, and consider lovemaking to be a simple, lustful and straightforward kind of operation. With Pisces it is not so. Their world-view tends toward the mysterious, and they often feel as if their gut hunch about something is more important than the bare realities of a situation. Likewise, according to Pisces the sexual act is not benefited by a routine, consistent procedure. There has to be magic and fantasy, the allure of dream-scenarios that stimulate Piscean fondness for the unusual. It is also likely that Pisces won't have the stamina and inexhaustibility to match the slow, steady Taurus passion.

But, as I said, Pisces and Taurus share a lot. The tranquillity of both enhances the other - the sensual charm and imagination of Pisces calms and inspires Taurus, while the general reliability and poise of Taurus brings peace to Pisces. These two soothe each other, and might very well indulge in any artistic activity together, with pleasing results for both. A promising combination.

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