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Taurus and Libra match

This can be an interesting exchange of similarities and differences. Since both Taurus and Libra is ruled by Venus, they share a certain aesthetic appreciation as well as a peaceloving “make love not war” attitude. Libra and Taurus are very sensual people, but Taurus has a more concrete love nature whereas Libran sexuality yields more to romance and mental stimulation. There is no denying that Libra and Taurus differ greatly below the surface. Libra is indecisive and often impractical, more interested in ideas and human interaction than Taurus, who sees things more according to their pragmatic value and wishes Libra would be more stable and to the point. Libra may regard the Taurean egocentricity and self-gratifiction as too simple, wishing for Taurus to have more perspective.

But there is a curious erotic twist and rapport here that is complementing and fascinating for both. While much dependent on other horoscope influences in the partners, the determination and solidity of Taurus could totally be what Libra needs. Additionally, the grace and charm of Libra warms Taurus, and inspires them to make social interaction a more primary focus of their lives. Libra idealizes ethics, justice and beauty, Taurus idealizes security and material growth, but the basic act of valuing and considering is essential for both and draws them together. A definitely-maybe-combination.

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