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Taurus and Leo match

This union can be one of those where everything is either divine or simply disastrous. Unfortunately the probability is greater of the scales pointing in the latter direction. The issue concerns the fact that Leo and Taurus both are are "whole" personalities with a focus on integrity. They are self-centered and usually self confident, although both have egos that at times seem considerably shaken and fragile. Imagine two steaming, steady trains whose trails cross each other at a 90 degree angle, and you have Leo and Taurus. They are probably attracted to each other, they appreciate the fact that they can be lazy in each other's company, and as for their sensuality and passion - it finds all the response it needs in the partner.

But, but, but, but...the success of this interaction is highly dependent on each partner's ability to resist several of their natural inclinations. Exaggerated demands, stubbornness and jealousy are typical such qualities. It also seems that Leo and Taurus are destined to argue about values and life-style. Leo, stubborn to a fault, usually want to flame through business in one sitting and then forget. Taurus is not happy with that, since every principle needs proper consideration and time, and chances are Taurus feels that Leo is a little smug and too often gets his or her way. I am sure this combination has potential if at least one of the involved shows important other, more flexible horoscope influences. Otherwise, It's a neckbreaker. Too much pride and minds too narrow.

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