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Taurus and Gemini match

Taurus is all about maintaining energy and resources to ensure stability. Gemini is all about spreading energy and ventilating to ensure movement and potentiality. These two just can't come to terms about what should be the ideal state of affairs for anything at all. An interesting experiment would be to watch a Taurus-Gemini couple socialize at a party. While the Gemini immediately metamorphoses into a butterfly, bubbling around, chattering, light-heartedly acting out as the humorous host among total strangers, Taurus calmly and quietly sits down at the couch, grabs some snacks and waits for a couple of like-minded individuals to be drawn by their earthy charm. It might be that both are jealous of the other's qualities, but Gemini is usually too busy to have time for jealousy.

There is no question these two have a lot to learn from each other, but while Gemini is too impatient to learn what Taurus has to teach, Taurus is too stubborn to seriously ponder the advantages of such a whimsical personality as Gemini's. If they enter into a romantic relationship, there could be some trouble in the financial department. Taurus is no stranger to good investments and spending money on tangible, beautiful things. Gemini, however, granted that they care even remotely for money, tend to be irregular and irrational with their funds and see money only as an obstacle to freedom. At best there is a complementarity of temperament. The typically easygoing nature of Taurus may find the light humour and verbal dexterity of Gemini uplifting and entertaining, while Gemini can be soothed and nurtured by Taurean sensuality and firmness. Yet, if these are representative of their respective signs, many issues lie between them.

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