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Taurus and Capricorn match

Taurus and Capricorn will build their lives together. They might even build their own home, if they want to share one. They will certainly construct the conditions of their relationship, so that nothing unexpected will enter into the equation. If they get married, I bet there is a prenup. Capricorn and Taurus are responsible, sensible, realistic souls. They'll seldom have serious arguments based on conflicting views. But will the relationship be stimulating to their perspective, will it open them to new experience, will it promote inner growth? Maybe. Because of their basic similarity of drive, many of Taurus' and Capricorn's attitudes and qualities will remain as they are; perhaps even be magnified by the partner. These signs are good at taking advantage of each other's resources.

Not that they would mind. More often than not, this is a smooth, harmonious interaction. Capricorn provides direction and ambition to whatever talents Taurus may possess, and becomes someone whose shrewdness and organizational ability Taurus can admire. Taurus warms the normally restrictive Capricorn heart with their steadfast, loyal sense of love or comradeship. Taurus can really bring peace and Venusian creativity into the life of Capricorn. Sexually, this is likely to be satisfying too. Unless Capricorn shows their prudent or overly critical side, the passion between these two is going to be lustful, healthy and consistent.

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