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Taurus and Cancer match

Taurus and Cancer are very good at soothing each other. Taurus brings that down-to-earth, steady nature that can keep Cancer in emotional balance, and Cancer gives emotional support and nurture that adds a quality of inward security and intimacy in Taurus' life. While these two signs get along well and find mutual friendship and encouragement in each other, the interaction could lack excitement. But they will always support each other, and neither is the surrendering kind; a fact that stabilizes the relationship through troubled times. It is likely that the home of Taurus and Cancer, if they share one, will be quite a culinary pleasure. On the other hand, Taurus and Cancer may eat to comfort themselves and indulge together in unhappiness.

While Taurus and Cancer share in being considerate, gentle souls, Cancer may consider Taurus slightly lacking in the sensitivity department. Even though Taurus has a sentimental, intimate side and the capacity for deep devotion, they are mostly practical and realistic, lacking Cancer's acute emotional awareness and sensitivity to the subtle undercurrents of life. Taurus on the other hand might see Cancer as being a bit touchy and irrational, or subjective in their viewpoint. Nevertheless, this is a union with true potential.

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