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Taurus and Aquarius match

Taurus and Aquarius is one of the traditionally incompatible matches that seems to have much potential of proving the general opinion wrong. For one thing, while Aquarius and Taurus both at times are obstinate enough to actually freeze to the ground, it appears that their general stance or attitude towards life is different enough not to provoke too much opposition from the other part. Arguably, there has to be some basic mirror-effect between people for them to risk becoming really hostile towards each other. On the other hand, where the characteristics of these two signs are more similar, there is a good chance of the sympathy becoming deep indeed. Aquarians are fond of all sorts of people, and will have no trouble relating to the principled side of Taurus, since Aquarius in spite of its liberality is a sign of firm principles and values.

Of course, Aquarius is a detached and collectively conscious sign, while Taurus is more subjective and direct, not satisfied with the utopian ideas or abstract generalities of Aquarius. Taurus likes the old and established, Aquarius is progressive and eccentric. Aquarius may find Taurus a bit indifferent to the common good and brotherhood of all men, as the Bull is more inclined to a "we must cultivate our own garden" kind of wisdom. They respect each other, and if they can cross over the divide that they sometimes feel separate them, will come to rely on each other too.

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