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Scorpio and Scorpio match

Scorpio needs emotional commitment and loyalty more than anything in a relationship. What could be better than finding a partner who shares this desire? Well, the main issue with this match is that Scorpios are all-or-nothing people, strangers to indifference and any kind of lukewarm feelings or opinions. When they hook up with an equal, things are bound to get a bit edgy at times, since the demands made on the partner are not always met with complete understanding when directed back upon themselves. Scorpio is perhaps the most "extreme" of signs, not inclined to lightheartedly get along with just anybody. Because of this, they would be wise to choose somebody that complements them.

On the other hand, the partner of a Scorpio should share the basic temperament of the sign. That's why individuals who aren't primarily emotional usually make bad matchups for the Scorpio. From this point of view, the possibility of two Scorpios hitting it off is better, and adding to it is the matter of sex. Scorpio is known to have a strong sexuality, and the atmosphere of this relationship can amount to a very rewarding sex-life because of the intimacy that elicits both to open up completely. Overall it is hard to generalize about this combination, for it's bound to share the extremist nature of the Scorpio sign itself. Either deeply fulfilling or deeply frustrating.

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