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Scorpio and Sagittarius match

There are days Scorpio wishes they could be as open as Sagittarius, as much at ease in social situations. An hour later they wonder what on earth they were thinking - Sagittarius is nothing but a fool, exuberant to the point of ridicule and totally unaware of their emotional selves, as well as that of other people. We are dealing with two drastically different characters here, at least in theory. There are some possible points of attraction. Scorpio considers themselves daring people, in the sense that they stand by what they believe in, emotionally, keeping integrity at all cost. Sagittarius is an outspoken and daring sign too, but in a much more immediate and simple way. A relationship between these two might be seen as a challenging experiment to be undertaken.

Perhaps differences are too great. Sagittarius is fiery and passionate in love and wants boundless, direct satisfaction. It is not saying too much that both genders of the sign tend to be a bit flirtatious. Being indiscreet with a Scorpio lover is unforgivable, and while loyalty is one of the prime virtues of Sagittarius, it is not always apparent to others. Scorpio's innate possessiveness fares badly with the freedom loving, constantly changing Sag. It is also likely that Sagittarius lacks the ability to really understand how deep Scorpio's emotions run, and to treat them a bit carelessly. In general, any sort of platonic relationship between these two will have a greater likelihood of success, at least until they have truly gotten to know each other's strengths and shortcomings.

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