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Scorpio and Pisces match

Scorpio and Pisces are almost guaranteed to find some common ground of understanding and sympathy, whether the relationship is romantic or purely platonic. The main reason for this is that they share a mystical-emotional worldview, creating an intimate kinship of the personalities. These signs will have a direct intuitive grasp of each other. Both are very sensitive, yet in different ways. Scorpio is more self-possessed, jealous and on the defensive, while Pisces can be over-trusting and sometimes lacking in the loyalty department, which is so important to Scorpio.

Both tend to have mood swings, but the fish is more abstract and tuned to everything and everyone around them. Scorpio is driven, intense and very protective of those closest to their heart. A possible flaw of the relationship is a tendency to introversion. In other words, these partners run the risk of shutting off the world outside, focusing too much on their own spiritual and physical bond. Their connection runs deep, in a way that will not be obvious on the outside. In general it is a very positive match, with just enough character differences to make it exciting.

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