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Scorpio and Capricorn match

Scorpio and Capricorn will find many traits in common, such as personal integrity, a slightly grave or serious outlook on things, and general ambition. They are both attuned to details and typically financially adept and would make good business partners. One thing, however, sets these signs apart in most areas of life: Capricorn wants to keep some sort of personal detachment even from that which occupies them most, while Scorpio is genuinely uninterested in whatever does not awake their passions. This goes for lovers as well as things, ideas and ambitions. Scorpio is deeply intimate, while Capricorn tries to remain uninvolved. Naturally, Capricorns have feelings like all people, but tend to economize pretty considerable with them.

Often this difference between Cappy and Scorpio isn't a big deal, since they keep their priorities straight. It could be an issue in a romantic sense, because Capricorn does not behold lovemaking and romance with the same magic glasses as do Scorpio. Spontaneity isn't Capricorn's strong side, and Scorpio may consider them a bit cold and stern, while Capricorn backs away from the dramatic emotional inside of Scorpio. Still this combo comes with a good chunk of hope, for it is a nice mixture of sameness and divergence.

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