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Scorpio and Aquarius match

Scorpio wants to intensify and reduce the whole world into an emotional presence around them. Aquarius wants to take the presence of mind around them and enlarge it to the whole universe and its people. One is Big bang, the other is Small bunch. While these two signs are forces going in different directions, there is some common ground between them. Both feel the need to reform, renew and recreate - Aquarius on the mental and social plane, Scorpio on the personal and emotional. They are likely to be fascinated by each other, and find in the other a personality of equal integrity and seriousness.

All Aquarians are fighting with an identity issue. More to the point, the conflict between fitting into a large social structure of meaning versus expressing their own identity and uniqueness. Scorpio have little understanding as to why the world around the Aquarian is so incredibly important to them, often at the sacrifice of the partner, and may see this as a lack of commitment and loyalty. Aquarius on the the other hand is intrigued by Scorpio's passion, but cringes at the possessiveness and jealousy of the Scorpio. This square relation promises a clash of wills, and since both signs have strong opinions, smoothing things out may prove very hard. The success of this relationship depends partly on the distribution of elements otherwise in the horoscope: the Scorpio part needs strong influences of air or fire, and the Aquarian probably of water.

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