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Sagittarius and Sagittarius match

Sagittarius is typically a tolerant sign with a happy-go-lucky attitude. From this point of view it is easy to see how two Sags would have no problem hitting it off, and also be quite quick in forgiving whatever weaknesses may be found in the partner. Nonetheless, this relationship will be characterized by a distinct lack of earthiness and realism. Being more critical and petty with the smaller things in life may be far from ideal in the eyes of romantic partners, but two Sagittarians would probably benefit from it. Physically/sexually they have great fun together, and their adventurous personalities will make them enjoy sports, travel or intellectual pursuits.

What is lacking is some kind of emotional anchor to make the partners more introspective, forcing them to analyze their feelings at a deeper level. Otherwise doubt may suddenly come flooding (perhaps leading instead to another exciting love affair or infatuation). In any case it is a positive, warm union that certainly has potential, especially if the partners aren't looking for the most serious form of partnership.

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