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Sagittarius and Pisces match

Pisces and Sagittarius make an ambivalent pair. They usually have an easy time communicating and relating to each other on a superficial level, yet show deep differences in temperament, judgement and general day-to-day behavior. Sometimes the Pisces-Sagittarius relationship is the typical "friends forever" union, with too much strain in an intimate setting to ever make an actual romantic relationship worthwhile. Sagittarius is expansive and careless by the influence of Jupiter, caring little for what is close, small or behind in time. The sag doesn't want to dwell on things or overthink, but rather take action even if it happens to be imprudent.

The fish on the other hand is hesitant, and needs quiet reasoning alone before deciding anything of importance, something that makes the Archer impatient. Both signs are however intuitive and philosophical, and can go with the spur of the moment. In these cases Pisces will regret any potential mistakes and be pretty devastated if they hurt anyone by word or action. Sagittarius is unlikely to even remember what they said to people. If other influences connect them more substantially, the positive, progressive aura of Sagittarius can draw out the creative power of the Pisces, and the wise and thoughtful Pisces soothe the Archer in their short depressions and disappointments.

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