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Sagittarius and Aquarius match

The Archer and the Water-bearer. Idealistic symbols for an idealistic match. The greatest asset of this relationship is the similarity in base needs. Both understand and sympathize with each other's great need for freedom and space, and this is an a physical as well as in a psychological sense. Sagittarius is all about discovery and adventure, and Aquarius is on a lifelong search for identity and insight into the world and their fellow human beings. Of these signs, Aquarius is the more serious and contemplative thinker, while Sagittarius uses intuition and spontaneity as the means to embark on intellectual journeys. They simply have fun together, and are unlikely to risk suffocating each other with demands.

If there is an issue to reckon with, it may be the strong opinions and sometime dogmatic minds of both partners. There will be clashes of beliefs and attitudes, and Sagittarian temper can collide with the occasional dark moods of the Aquarius. The relief of it all is the speed with which conflicts wash away. Neither are prone to harbor resentment and disappointment. In summary, this is a positive and friendly match that has much romantic potential as well.

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