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Pisces and Pisces match

The most romantic, unselfish and loving relationship, or the most confused, unfaithful and unstable one? With two daydreaming Pisceans the result can easily be either. The Fishes are drawn to each other's mild and soothing, otherworldly personalities. They sense that here is someone who may finally understand their strange whims and dreams. Pisceans can be quite uninhibited, and the intensity of Piscean intuition will hasten the probing of each other's minds and bodies. What, if anything, they will ultimately find is a matter of debate - they are both seekers, intellectually and emotionally roaming.

The gist of the matter is whether one the partners are of the more rational fish-kind, and can direct some rationality into their relationship. In this case the union may rise above the pure chaotic exchange of feelings and impressions and grow towards something worthwhile. Pisceans are highly empathetic and forgiving, and will tolerate much from the partner. On the other hand loyalty and devotion isn't always their highest priority. A sweet and idealistic combination that truly can go either and every way.

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