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Libra and Scorpio match

The Libra Scorpio combination is a match of fundamentally different personalities, but one that can be sexually and romantically enticing. Rationality and impartiality, while two defining characteristics of Libra, is not Scorpio's prime melody. When this relationship meets with difficulties, and it probably will, Scorpio cares for little more than complete emotional loyalty and devotion. Libra on the other hand needs to reason and be objective, and may want to keep up the union for reasons of duty or fair play. Scorpio will scorn at this, asking if Libra still loves them and if so how much.

This emotional intensity of Scorpio will always be a focus - Scorp may accuse Libra's love of being superficial and inauthentic, while Libra feels Scorpio is unreasonable and demanding. However, Libra tends to be very attuned to their romantic partner and can perhaps weather and ease the inner storms of Scorpio. There will be many passionate moments, where the grace of Libra and depth of Scorpio's love-nature converge. Both signs can be manipulative in their own way, and this will hardly be of any help. It definitely remains a challenging interaction especially when the bonds grow stronger.

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