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Libra and Capricorn match

Libra and Capricorn are both cardinal signs - meaning they are energetic and have a straight-forward, problem-solving attitude to most things in life. Yet this is a very general similarity, and the two signs are different in personality and in the more particular ways of expressing themselves. Libra is a highly social sign that is intent on fairness and on understanding the partner's (in love as well as platonic relations) perspective. Capricorn can be a quiet loner, pragmatic to the point of setting aside personal relations for the sake of reason and duty. Since both signs are strong in convictions and, especially Libra, have an argumentative side, things can get a bit edgy. Both signs want to make things happen and are happy to initiate, but they tend to go in different directions.

On the plus side, there is a mental rapport between these two that can compensate for the lack of emotional harmony. Both have a love of order, and the calm, earthy side of Capricorn makes Libra feel comfortable. Libra is generally a very sensual sign, and Capricorn is known to reveal an unexpectedly soft and romantic side when they feel close to someone. Libra enlivens Capricorn's mind with their wit and lovable charm, while the dry irony of Cappy is well received. What may save this combination from its definite storms, struggles and upsets is the patience and willingness to be impartial that these two signs share. A challenging combination.

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