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Libra and Aquarius match

This trine relationship is at the same time one of the most social, humanistic encounters and one of the most impersonal. Libra and Aquarius are both all about relationship, about putting the individual in connection with some other self or group and defining themselves in accordance with the response. What this means is Libra and Aquarius have in general a similar outlook on life and get on very well, but both may be unwilling to push the relationship to a deeper emotional level. They are both refined and avoid the harsher elements of life and any crude behavior. For these two, romance and love is mainly an intellectual thing, although Libra is usually the more sentimental and also sensitive of the two and Aquarius the most freedom-loving.

Since love for them is mostly a mental sensation, fantasy will play a large factor in the relationship, whether it be erotic or just dreaming of and discussing the concept of love. While by no means inclined to unfaithfulness as such, it is possible for these partners to have a progressive, tolerant view of sex that could take expression along the lines of partner change, swingers, sexual roleplaying or threesomes. In general the interaction is smooth, but problems may show with Aquarius tendency for eccentricity and rebellion. Libra, while very responsive to the partner's wishes still have an idea about how things ideally should flow in a relationship. They do have a conventional, traditional side that puts harmony above most other things, and this is not something Aquarius is likely to conform to in the long run. Nevertheless, this is overall a very promising contact.

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