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Leo and Virgo match

Put the warm and exuberant Leo in a room with the prudent and reserved Virgo, and who knows happens? The traditional view of this pairing would have Leo represent the self-absorbed seeker of attention, while modest Virgo almost blushes over Leo's pomposity. In reality things are often different. Virgo can be self-centred, intent on relating every little detail of their daily life and the impressions connected with them. Leo may on the other hand sometimes be very generous and unconcerned about their own person if they feel they are giving something of value to the other.

Basically, these signs are very different and have trouble feeling kinship. Leo thinks in grand terms, very idealistic and proud, wants dramatic responses and has little concern for petty nuances. Virgo analyzes till death, dislikes too much immodesty and wants practical answers to the issues of life. While these two aren't impossible as lovers if they respect each other's differences, they are seldom long time partners or friends. The exception is professional interactions where they can indeed be a winning team.

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