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Leo and Scorpio match

Leo and Scorpio make for a magnetic combination. As different as these two signs are, they still share in self-integrity and stubborn persistence in realizing their desires and plans. As any combination of signs that are in square relationship, they tend to communicate well and often become verbal sparring partners. Sexually, the chemistry is potent, for Leo and Scorpio know what they want and show strongly passionate natures. They are attracted to the enticing difference in projection of the other sign. However, for Scorpio sex is a mysterious, intimate affair that should be done with devotion and discretion. Leo needs approval and admiration and likes to be in the center stage, so that even sex can become somewhat of an exhibition.

Leo is warm, exuberant and generous with the self, whereas Scorpio is reserved and deeply emotional. Clashes of feeling are quite unavoidable here, and it is a matter of uncertainty if they can be resolved satisfactorily. Scorpio is likely to be quite jealous in the relationship, and Leo can be dogmatic and naive when their egoistic side takes over. It's an exciting affair, but a tense one, and neither partner is likely to give in or surrender their pride. Leo is usually able to forgive, but often the difficulties go too deep to be ultimately resolved.

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