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Leo and Sagittarius match

The pairing of two fire signs is a little different from the pairing of other elemental relatives. Whereas two air signs, for example, usually have detachment and natural sociability enough to get along even when they are very different, with fire signs such as Leo and Sagittarius the sympathy is more given to coincidence. They both love passionately, and perhaps more idealistically than any other zodiac pair. It is obvious then, that disappointment may be close at hand in many cases. On the other hand, when these two hit it off big, sparks and lightning is bound to fill the sky. Both are all about the grand gestures.

Leo is a proud one. But there are times when Sagittarius is even more proud. Especially when it comes to knowing things. Sag can be quite a know-it-all. Leo is of the type that wants the last word in general and the grip of the situation, but Sagittarius specializes. Intellectualizes. Makes Leo frown at them. Leo also wishes Sag would focus, and not be so darn distracted and dopey. Sagittarius is typically spiritually or academically inclined, whereas Leo is creative in the broad sense. These two are great friends, however, because they're both so sweet and enthusiastic. And they are usually great lovers too, for that matter.

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