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Leo and Pisces match

Leo and Pisces are possessed of two very different temperaments and attitudes towards the world. Leo, outgoing and concerned about doing the most of the world that is given to them, as well as furthering any ambition of the self, is not a stranger to the world of dreams and fantasy. However, the idealism and aesthetic appreciation of Leo is seldom a goal in itself but rather a part of a grand gesture or plan of some kind. Pisces is world-weary and a dreamer in the true sense, however, if these two get together it is usually in some kind of joint creative endeavour. There is some magic at their disposal, and it goes by the name of romance, of which both are typically great devotees.

The problems are on the other hand not irrelevant. Leo is very intent on honesty and straightforwardness, Pisces not so much. They prefer to keep a part of themselves sacred, and are not strangers to intentional misleading and that of avoiding of some issues. Also, while Pisces is very emotional, their nature is more subtle, whereas Leo likes drama and fiery emotion displayed outwardly. If the magnetic attraction is present, this could last for a while, but in any case it is an unsure thing.

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