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Leo and Libra match

Take the famous Fitzgeralds, Scott and Zelda, as a telling and inspiring example. Scott in many respects a classic Libra and she very much Leo. They sure lived the grand life. High society, champagne all night (and day) long, expensive tastes. But who knows what went on behind closed doors? Well, some obviously did. Leo and Libra may be the most sociable and convivial of all signs, but they keep their public image quite untouchable, weaving a spell free from everyday concerns. Appearance is essential.

Not to say Leo and Libra don't get along - they're both graceful, tender and charming, in love with love and generous with it. But two drama queens in one room (or house) (or bed) can sometimes be too much. Leo needs to be seen and heard, and Libra needs harmony and somebody that understands their mood swings and sudden negativism. Yet, this couple is probably highly valued in their social circle. Together, when at their best, they are the cutest pairing, and a very sensuous one. They probably fall in love thinking that only the finer things in life are important, and love is the finest. And who knows, maybe they're right?

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