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Leo and Leo match

This may be the sunniest combination of all. Two warm-hearted and generous Leos together can carry on a loving relationship of mutual respect and affection - sometimes. It is typical for Leos to hit it off immediately, sensing the warmth and fun of the other. But if two people with strong Leo energies are to form a more serious bond, adjustments will have to be made. Each will accuse the other of being overbearing and pompous, projecting the personal shortcomings onto the partner. Leo needs an attentive audience, and another Leo is not likely to be the best provider of this. However, if the pair can find a way to take turns in bursting with solar energy and on the other hand being lazy as lizards, it may work.

Jealousy and nitpicking will not be welcome features of the relationship. Still, Leos can be a bit possessive, and the Leo partner at the receiving end may find this annoying, even if they are highly flattered by being worshipped. Gifts and tokens of appreciation will be plentiful, and Leo partners typically have very noble ideas of love and loyalty. In the long run it is likely that one of the partners will take on a more domineering role, though probably with pure intentions. It is a passionate combo, by all means, and they will have little to argue over in bed. An interesting and fiery but challenging combination.

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