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Leo and Capricorn match

Leo and Capricorn may be the most ambitious zodiac pair there is. Both are highly aware of social position and status, even when they're not interested in climbing the ladder of career and achievement themselves. Consequently, this can be a highly competitive interaction, even in purely romantic relations. Leo and Cappy want to be best, go furthest and climb highest. Yet it is obvious that this could also be a great example of one spurring the other to always be better. Some Capricorn women, though independent and ambitious, prefer to channel their energies through their partner, due to a strong sense of tradition.

Sexually, one may believe this to be dull, but usually this is not the case. The interaction is of the mysterious "quincunx" kind that often creates fascination and mystery. If the physical side has a lot to offer though, emotional connection may be more difficult. The expansive yet often subjective and self-centered energies of Leo may be shunned by Capricorn, who is detached and prefers controlled and clear-headed rationality to spontaneous expressions of joie de vivre. Leo may consider Capricorn as too limited and reserved, restraining their freedom of expression and ideas. A combination that can be made to work, and made good, but seldom one that is completely natural.

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